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  Blower Nozzles
Eight vertical nozzles direct over 40,000 cubic feet of air per minute, shearing loose hair and debris from workers' clothing.
  Presence Sensor
External sensor allows high velocity fans to reach maximum speed before workers enter air shower.



Ceiling system allows the use of common, inexpensive lighting.

Lasco's own specially coated, antistatic walls resist particle adherence. The vertical air nozzles are part of the wall... not added on.
Optional (but highly recommended) door forms seal between air shower and outside environment. Studies show that a door slows down an employee's pace resulting in greater hair and loose particle removal.

  Filter Access Doors
Standard 1 inch pleated filters trap hair and other debris. Because Lasco has integrated flip-up access panels in shower walls, all of the filters can be changed in less than 5 minutes.
  Floor Grate
Light, strong, and removable grate allows air to recirculate. The grate's rough texture scrapes debris from the soles of worker's shoes.

       Lasco Services designed and tested the Lasco Airshower 2000 to remove large particles, such as hair and lint, from anyone passing through its twelve foot tunnel. Unlike other debris removal devices, such as hair and lint rollers, the AS2000 requires no action from plant personnel other than entering and exiting the air shower. Plus, the air shower's 40,000 cfm shears across every inch of the body's surface (from calves up) in the average 4 seconds it takes a plant worker to pass through it. The standard Lasco Airshower 2000 measures 12' long by 6' wide and 9' tall, and it can be customized to fit available space.

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